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A JASHN Like No Other!

Plan My Jashn has been in the business of planning & bringing utmost happiness to the biggest Jashn of one’s life, for the past 7 years. As a young and enthusiastic team buzzing with creative ideas, it has caught the fancy of hundreds of couples over the years who have desired their D-day and other pre-wedding functions to be emotional, entertaining, personalised and out of the box experiences. Plan My Jashn has excelled on all these fronts and in doing so has developed a new age market wherein clients with a futuristic outlook come to us when they desire to go beyond floral décor to something that is more creative, thematic, curated and uniquely beautiful, for their Wedding and Pre-Wedding functions.
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Divine Décor

Décor of all hues and kinds, is Plan My Jashn’s fortè. Working  on the philosophy of  ‘Atmanirbharta‘ since long, Plan My Jashn boasts of its very own production house, (which sets it apart from other Wedding Planning Companies) a stronghold of creativity and handcrafted beauteous décor elements, designed by taleneted ‘local’ artisans, thereby also fulfilling the motto of ‘Go Vocal For Local’.

Thus, for couples planning to tie the knot, Plan My Jashn’s offerings are like the cherry on the cake. Either they can choose décor from our amazing array of 100+ themes or turn their décor dreams into a reality with us by going for completely customized, brand new themes. We’re happy to please, either way!

So, be it Floral Fantasy, Vintage Vibes, Royal Revelry, Neon Go on, Pastel Pride, Kitschy Itch, Light Delight, Beach Bonding, White Wonderland or any other of our unique décor themes, you’ll be spoilt for choice as we do them all, to hold you and your guests in thrall!

Hour de Hospitality

When a Wedding beckons, Hourless Hospitality is what we reckon! Be it a staggered wedding & pre-wedding functions or a 3 day long destination wedding, Plan My Jashn’s success bears testimony to its classy and warm hospitality. Our team of handpicked, thinking on their feet hosts, hostesses and shadows ensure that you and your guests want for nothing. Hospitality is one of the three pillars on which a happy and memorable celebration is built. Plan My Jashn as one of the best Event Planners in North India knows that when all is forgotten, it is the warmth of hospitality that remains. And true to this credo, Plan My Jashn delivered flawless hospitality not only on land, but also on the high seas. Now what is left is to win over the skies, too.

Engaging Entertainment

Indian Weddings in themselves are great sources of entertainment. So, entertaining such entertaining people is an art in itself! But, Plan My Jashn is the master of this art and craft. When you book Plan My Jashn for your wedding festivities, rest assured that the entertainment would never cease to amaze or end. Glam & glitzy or sober & subtle,, wicked & whacky or classy & graceful, we’ve entertainment options to cater to everyone’s taste.

Celebrity Performers, foreign or local artists, stand up comics, stilt walkers, illusionists, drama troupes, sculptors, engravers, pantomime actors, opera or sufi singers, whatever gets your assent, is our entertainment! Infact, as a true blue wedding theme planner, Plan My Jashn offers customised applause & whistle worthy thematic enterainment, an option which takes your wedding festivities to the next level!